trying to search about that new abc show


oh what fun it is to kill someone and end up in jail


Well, that was unexpected.

Anonymous said:
When are you guys going to stop pretending Viola Davis is pretty? She's not. It's not even about her color she's just not pretty.


When are yall gonna stop pretending this isn’t about her skin color? I wish I could paste her features onto a white woman or even a black woman with lighter skin, then you wouldn’t be saying this. If she were white, you would call her “striking” or some other bullshit. If she were a light skinned black woman, you would probably still be bitter about a lead black woman but you at least wouldn’t pick apart her appearance. Maybe if her skin was lighter, you would actually acknowledge her accomplishments, too. Her talent, maybe? She just slayed America in 60 minutes while looking incredible and this is the only bitter response you could come up with? Your saltiness is unnerving, honey, do better.  Talk to me when you get nominated for an Oscar. 

image               And don’t insult her with the word “pretty”. She’s fucking stunning. Do so, so much better.

Alfred Enoch in How to Get Away With Murder 1x01


«He was a marvel, shaft after shaft flying from him, spears that he wrenched easily from broken bodies on the ground to toss at new targets. Again and again I saw his wrist twist, exposing its pale underside, those flute-like bones thrusting elegantly forward. My spear sagged forgotten to the ground as I watched. I could not even see the ugliness of the deaths anymore, the brains, the shattered bones that later I would wash from my skin and hair. All I saw was his beauty, his singing limbs, the quick flickering of his feet.»

the world's oldest ship war

  • Aeschylus: Achilles goes on top.
  • Plato: No; definitely Patroclus.
  • Xenophon: They were just friends.
  • Plato: Shut up, Xenophon.
  • Aeschines: It's practically canon.
  • Aristarchus: I know it looks canon, but Homer didn't write that - someone added it later.
  • Shakespeare: It's canon.